To maintain its beauty and wear-ability, please care for your Bec Stern Jewellery using the following simple guidelines:

To Clean

If worn often, or worn against the skin, it may be necessary to clean your Bec Stern Jewellery.  Use a lukewarm solution of plain water and mild soap, cleanse gently and then rinse thoroughly.  Never use strong detergents, ammonia, alcohol or jewellery cleaner to clean Bec Stern Jewellery.

To Protect

Always put on jewellery after body oil, moisturizer, perfume or hairspray is applied and has thoroughly dried - as these may contain some chemicals which may cause the jewellery to discolour.

Do not wear jewellery when swimming in chlorinated or salt water.

Most findings used are either silver/gold plated brass. We aim to ensure all of our metal products used are lead and nickel free, this however cannot be guaranteed 100%.

Keep each item in a dry, safe place and preferably in the pouch you receive it in.

Never throw or store your jewellery in a jewellery box where it may be scratched, tangled or ruined by another piece.